Miriam Martin

Miriam MartinMiriam was raised in the Northern California coastal community of Pacifica.  She married and started a family in San Mateo County, where she worked as a real estate assistant for four years. In 1994 Miriam moved to Groveland and started working for Eleda as her assistant. In 2003 she got her real estate license and assumed more responsibility as Eleda’s licensed assistant and business partner.

Miriam moved to Groveland, in search of a simpler less hectic lifestyle.  Her children grew up sitting on the deck at night looking up at the star studded sky and learning about the constellations. Often Saturday’s were spent fishing with on the Tuolumne River, or catching tadpoles in a coffee mug on Big Creek.

There were no street lights or fast food restaurants, but her children experienced great outdoor adventures.  They are now adults, but still love coming home.  Groveland is a place with low crime and community members look out for each other.  The local library and museum was financed through years of community recycling efforts.   One year the community raised enough money to send the high school Art History class of 17 students to Europe for 3 weeks to study art across 7 countries.

If this lifestyle sounds like something that would suit you for either fulltime or part-time living, Miriam and Eleda would love to show you around.