PML Do’s and Dont’s


As loosely interpreted by RE/MAX Yosemite Gold

California Boating Rules apply
No guest or renter-owned boats allowed on the lake. This includes canoes, kayaks, and inflatable boats, which must all be registered by a property owner just like hard bottomed boats.
Power boats can only be beached at designated launch areas
NO jet skis! Water skis only. NO inner tubes or discs.

You can sail any TIME you want, but not any WHERE.
No sailing rental boats in Big Creek cove.
Launch sailboats only from the Marina boat ramp.
No sailing in the skiing area during ski hours.

Swimming (Lake)
There are no lifeguards. Swim at your own risk. The water is as deep as 110 feet, and it’s COLD down there!
Swim in the roped areas at the three beaches, or 25 feet from shore at private lakefront property.
Don’t swim across the lake (and get caught in a propeller) or at Fisherman’s Cove (and scare the fish).
Tubes and “soft” float toys are allowed in the beach swim areas, but not float tubes, surfboards, or lounge rafts.

Swimming (Pool)
Bring your guest pass for access to the pool.
Children 13 years and younger must bring an adult.
Wear a bathing suit in the water. Put plastic pants over the baby’s diaper.
No glass containers.

You can’t have your dog at the beach. Even a little dog. Even if the goose’s poop is bigger than your dog’s.
If the Marina parking lot is full, don’t wait for a space. Park at Dunn Court, the Lake Lodge, or Fisherman’s Cove and ride the water taxi to the marina. Water taxi operates daily from 10 am to 6 pm during summer. At the Marina only: on weekends and holidays between the hours of 9 am and 1 pm only property owners can park at the Marina.
No skateboards, rollerblades or roller skates allowed on Marina parking lot.
No bike riding on Marina lawn or beach areas.
No hardballs or frisbees.

California State fishing license required and must be displayed at all times while fishing. Fish limits are governed by California Fish & Game laws. No live bait other than worms. Fishing off the water taxi docks during water taxi operating hours is prohibited. Don’t fish from private property without permission. No fishing within 25 feet of designated swim areas.

PML Streets
The streets aren’t wide enough to park on. So don’t.
Don’t ride ATV’s, skateboards, scooters, or dirt bikes on the
Street bicycles are okay, but there’s no bike paths.
Keep your dog on a leash.

Auditory Overstimulation
Quiet time is 10 pm to 7 am. No loud music anywhere, but especially during this time. Only scream if a crime is being committed.

Make reservations by calling the Main Gate Security Office at 962-8615. Ask about fees for daily or weekly use. Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance; no same-day reservations.
Maximum reservations times of one hour for singles and two hours for doubles players.
Wear non-marking tennis shoes. Males must wear shirts, and females blouses.
No glass containers. No food or drink (other than water) permitted inside courts.
Stop playing tennis after 10 pm; the lights go off and can’t be turned on again.

Golf Course
Is for golfers only. It is not a park, a jogging trail, a touch football field, a sand box or a picnic area.
No skateboards, roller skates, walkers, runners, dogs, sleds, skis, frisbees, kites, volleyball,
bicycles, somersaults, or orgies on the golf course.

Country Club Restaurant and Lounge
Is closed on Mondays, except for major holidays. Make reservations for dining by calling (209) 962-8638 and don’t wear swimsuits, tank tops, halter tops, or short shorts.

Here’s the DUH rules that PMLA “reminds” you of:
Do not operate unlicensed vehicles in PML
Obey all speed limits. Don’t park in a tow-away zone.
Don’t litter.
If you are under 21, don’t drink alcoholic beverages at the beach.
Don’t dump your household garbage in PML dumpsters.
Don’t leave pets in vehicles for very long, even with a window cracked. They could die.
No guns or hunting.
Don’t feed the deer, play with the raccoons, or chase the skunks